About Us

GKS TRUCKS is a dynamic and entrepreneurial company, which was born at the growing demand for vehicles in different countries. Our company has been dedicated since its foundation to the national marketing and worldwide exports of commercial vehicles with the best brands on the market. We cover the growing need for today's businesses, expansion and offers a search anywhere in the world with competitive prices.

GKS TRUCKS's philosophy is to offer our products at the best market price, thanks to reduced profit margins, and the elimination of the costs of middlemen, offering reliability, quality and excellence.

We are a multi-brand company. We can offer for the customers a wide variety of brands in the same place, without loss of time. This is a great advantage we have over other dealers.

The staff is highly qualified and experienced in the field of the sale and transport. They are motivated and driven by customer satisfaction and efficiency of its management. We offer the most accurate in each case and control capability for the total customer satisfaction.

A key feature of GKS TRUCKS is our customers confidence which have placed in us. We handle all the paperwork of our vehicles, transport to various places.

GKS TRUCKS always takes care of its customer satisfaction, we also offer the opportunity in the Spanish market, to take used vehicle as part of its payment by subtracting the price of the offered vehicle, to provide a price even more competitive.

National marketing and export around the world

Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, Switzerland, Lithuania, Rumani, Poland, Germany, France, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Morocco, Mauritania, Angola, Libya, Syria, UAE, Nigeria, Egypt, Greece.